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What we offer and How our system works?

We offer a platform for the people to reach the best of doctors easily and safely. Our aim is to support the patients and reduce their travel load to reach out to the doctors. Of Course! Not all Diseases can be cured through online telephonic videocalls, but still a vast majority of daily problems can be sorted out by Online Medical Consultation.

We host verified Doctors for various Treatments. When a new Doctor opens a new clinic on our platform, he is able to sell a Treatment only after manual verification. Once a customer Checksout and the payment is successful for the required treatment, both the Doctor and the Patient receive each other’s contact details and mode of communication whatever they prefer. Any customer if ever faces any issues while dealing with any of our registered Clinics, feel free to Contact Us immediately. Our Team will scrutinize the issue at the earliest.

If You are someone not interested in any Treatment or meeting a Doctor, Our Creative Blogs are always for you to keep you updated with Hacks to keep you healthy and fit.

Why Are We Your Favourite, Online Clinic.


Our featured characteristic is to keep you away from procrastinating your Medical Consultation.

Trusted Partners

Doctors joining us are live after one on one interaction with our Medical Experts.

100% Fit Society

Glitches that don't harm you much are generally neglected, our user friendly approach cures them all.

Our Bonding

We love talented & expert Medics joining us and making people's life hustle free in this high paced era.

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Pure Organic

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Trusted & Verified Doctors At Affordable Price & Reach!

Lemme Prac platform is one of the easiest and quickest to reach out to a doctor of your choice. All you need to do is search for your required treatment, review doctor’s details and proceed to your cart and checkout.

Never worry about your payments done through our platform. All our payments are carried out by Internationally Recognized Stripe Gateway. Stripe is a certified PCI Servive Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.

Both the Doctor’s and Patients have their choice to prefer the method of contact with each other. This makes online consultation much more easier than any forced way of Contact.


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